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Beyond Bauhaus: Trends in Furniture

Beyond Bauhaus: Trends in Furniture

Contemporary Decor Influenced by Bauhaus Furniture

Staatliches Bauhaus continues to be the most influential and recognized modern design movement. Our collection of Beyond Bauhaus furnishings captures the enduring quality of Bauhaus furniture and design while also recognizing the depth of contemporary practice in response to the organizing precepts of the school. The decor collected here is less ideologically driven, instead relying on an intuitive adaptation of the principles of the design school.

  • Bauhaus Principles: Functionality, Simplicity, and Style

    Bauhaus has always favored simplicity in style, capturing the effortlessly stylish quality of functional furnishings. Find couches, chairs, and other furniture in single tone colors, often black; metal construction, especially steel; and simple finishes, including any wood furnishings. This down to Earth approach drives the heart of Bauhaus and continues to be attractive in the 21st century.