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Looking for affordable furniture in NYC? We’ve got you covered. This guide will help you fill your apartment in New York with furniture you will absolutely love without breaking the bank. After all, for many of us, living in the Big Apple puts us on a budget. So for those that yearn for the stylish vibe of Manhattan but are on a budget, you’ve come to the right place.

The Stylish Center-of-it-All

Well, for starters, let’s set up some ground rules. We want affordable furniture, not cheap furniture. We want something we can afford, but hey it has to fit in with our style, right? For many living of us living here, New York City is an adopted home. And while the siren call of adventure was probably one reason to pack up and make the big move, it probably isn’t the reason we’ve stayed. Especially when you factor in that strange smell of a packed subway car in rush hour. Our big motivation to be here is to live in the hippest, most stylish place in the world.

Moving here means access to it all: the clothes, the trendy boutiques, the shopping, as well as the cafes and hip restaurants. So of course we all want some chic modern furniture for our tiny NYC apartment. Therein lies the problem. Even if prices in some neighborhoods have started to level off, and New York City is somehow shrinking, we still shell out most of our money on rent.

But if you’ve lived in New York for any amount of time, you know that money is no obstacle to having nice things. After you find some room in your budget, you’ll just need to track down some deals. Thankfully, NYC is all about deals. All you need is a little knowledge and you can find ridiculous prices on the finest luxury furniture. So we are doing our part and putting up this no nonsense guide to affordable furniture we carry. All these pieces are under $200.

10+ chairs under $200 – Mid-century Classics

No self-respecting devotee of mid-century modern furniture can go without owning one of these. The contoured plastic seat is comfortable, durable, and the epitome of 20th century style.









Choose between an orange side chair with a steel base, a white side chair with wooden legs, or a white rocking chair with arms and wooden sleighs.


Mid-century furniture is more than just plastic. Elegant point-to-point welding on steel wire is the basis for some of the most iconic designs from the era. This affordable version is chromed and features a super classic black leather seat.


Ingenuity ran high in the early fifties. This classic chair won awards at a design show at MOMA. This red fabric upholstered piece is now affordable and ready to be added to your room.


A chair nearly identical to this was used during the televised Kennedy-Nixon presidential debates. Steam-bent walnut wood and a black leather seat spell out the height of simplicity in luxury.


Maybe the most creative chair of all time. Forget having legs – this stem based seat is a fluid sculpture, gorgeous to behold, and best of all, comfortable.








Modern furniture includes durable designs any budget conscious urban-dweller can appreciate. For that stripped style, look no further than these galvanized steel chairs. Near impossible to break and conveniently stackable.
This one is in antique black with gold. This bar stool comes in a fun schoolhouse blue.


This one is my favorite. Inspired by French designs where they used folded steel. Durable, stylish, with a unique emphasis on architectural design. This side chair is in white.


This chair captures the often overlooked good-natured and humorous side of design.. The modern designers dream, this chair re-imagines royal luxury in a ghostly transparent plastic. The ultimate affordable designer furniture piece.

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