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High-End Bohemian Furniture

High-End Bohemian Furniture

Luxurious Furnishings Reflecting Your Personal Creative Tastes

A taste for bohemian or eclectic furnishings doesn’t have to signal a dime-store selection of furniture for your interior. Luxury offerings await that reflect your interests and imbue your space with style. This is the essence of the bohemian ethos in decor. Browse our collection of bold color furnishings, with offbeat and imaginative patterns expertly crafted from luxurious materials. These high end bohemian furniture selections are both eclectic and elegant.

  • Vintage Metal and Reclaimed Wood Decor for Urban Interiors

    Embrace an offbeat sensibility for your interior. Vintage metal finishes add a timeless quality to any decor. Also choose among a variety of pieces that use reclaimed and sustainable wood. The results are not only gorgeous but environmentally friendly, a perfect addition for the eco-conscious. Many of these pieces use select woods and fine metal finishes. The result is just as much chic as consciously bohemian.

  • Create an interior that values the structural elements of your apartment and studio, giving you the chance to embrace the particulars of your urban lifestyle. Brick, exposed pipes and beams, and the soaring buildings and structures in your window become touchstones for style choices. Vintage items, aged iron and reclaimed wood, and early modern antiques blend together to create an interior that celebrates urban living.