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California-style Furniture and Decor

California-style Furniture and Decor

Cool California for Relaxed Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

California immediately gives the impression of big and wide open spaces, beautiful trees, and soothing nights by the sea. Our newest collection brings together design favorites that capture the cool and relaxed vibe of Southern California interiors. Big wood tables with live edges, durable patio furniture that make blending indoors and outdoors a seamless breeze, and organic lounge chairs that inspire you to relax with a full-bodied red wine just in time for sunset.

  • The Cool California look is easy to achieve even if you aren’t located in the Golden State. Our collection will help you convert your space into a place of relaxation and open space. Focus on neutral palettes, colors like taupe and sand. Blues that capture the brilliance of the sea and sky can be used as accents on walls and seat cushions. Avoid add too much. Eccentric sculptures or vintage chairs add a lot in small measure. Otherwise, go for simple lines, durable furniture, and economy.

  • Leather Equestrian Chair Leather Equestrian Chair

    Leather Equestrian Chair

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