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Chic Furniture for Urban Lofts

Chic Furniture for Urban Lofts

Stylish Leather Furniture and Chic Industrial Decor

Memoky’s latest collection brings together decor that will transform your urban loft, studio, or apartment into a chic interior. Discover sought after industrial decor and leather furniture, and balance its masculine energy with elegant finishes and stylish patterns. Brass, copper, and gold provide a luxury element while colorful fabrics soften the look. Many of the pieces are sustainably made, combining thoughtfully harvested woods and reclaimed materials.

  • Create Balance with Plants with Chic Planters

    Creativity abounds and multiplies in interiors infused with green plants. Create a balanced energetic blend for your space with our array of chic planters. Elegant finishes like silver and textured patinas create depth and interest. Devolve the barriers separating inside and outside. Unite the different strands of life in your home, even in urban spaces like lofts and studios.