Four Hands Rattan

Rattan Furniture from Four Hands

Find elegant and durable designs for your home.

Rattan is a durable and reliable material used in furniture manufacturing, resulting in designs that both look great and are easy to maintain. This collection brings together furniture and decor from Austin-based manufacturer Four Hands made from rattan, including chairs, tables, and more. There are a number of species of climbing palms from Southeast Asia and Africa that can be used to make rattan. Once harvested, the material is woven to make mats, baskets, and more. Wicker furniture is often made from rattan, and is a perennial favorite. Dating from ancient Egypt, wicker is the oldest style of furniture currently known. That’s because it lasts a long time and is relatively simple to construct compared to its longevity. You’ll also find traditional chairs that feature woven rattan backing as well as sideboards and other storage pieces with rattan doors. All of these elegant furniture pieces are made through Four Hands’ signature design process that pairs inspiration with refinement. The result is attractive and expertly crafted furniture that puts functionality and comfort first.