Boucle Upholstery

Bouclé Furniture and Decor

Find Trendy Furnishings in this Warm and Cozy Fabric

Add texture and warmth to your home with bouclé, an easy-to-care for fabric that’s become a trendy material used as furniture upholstery. Bouclé is traditionally made from wool, although the texture can be achieved with lots of fabrics, made with a looped or curled method that gives the material its distinctive granulated look. When used as an upholstery, bouclé will transform neutral designs for chairs, sofas, and benches into furnishings that exude hygge—which is the Danish word for a certain kind coziness focused on self-care. This collection is the perfect place to find affordable furnishings and decor that use bouclé to achieve that trendy blend of chic and inviting. Many of these chairs have a Scandinavian flair, combining an upholstered seat with a wood frame. And bouclé looks great in neutral whites and grays, which makes it easy to add to virtually any room. Use it as an accent for your bedroom or living room and choose a pillow or ottoman. You’ll also find modern counter stools finished in bouclé, ideal for adding an original spin to your kitchen or dining space.