Terrazzo Stone

Terrazzo Stone Furniture & Lighting

Colorful Designs made with Durable and Easy-to-Care materials

Transform your home with terrazzo, a building material with a trendy and exuberant appearance. Terrazzo mixes the traditional with the modern, and is perfect for furnishings such as lamps, tables, and vases. Often used in the construction of buildings and flooring, terrazzo starts of as aggregate of concrete or resin mixed with chips of marble, glass, granite, and other materials. The result is the fun and creative flecked appearance that gives these furnishings their signature look. These pieces have all the high functionality of other minimalist designs, and are similarly easy to care for, durable, and work in multiple settings. But terrazzo adds a visual pop, and will enliven any space with its characteristic appearance. The material also has a link to traditional stonework that adds dimension to contemporary interiors and works as a conversation starter. Discover pendants with exposed bulbs that use terrazzo as an accent, as well as tables that use a slab of the material as their surface. Choose from lamps with multi-color bases that offset their simple forms as well as coffee tables that use an aggregate with a more uniform color tone. This collection has diverse solutions that will add sophistication, color, and depth to any interior design.

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