Core Living Room Basics

Core Living Room Basics

Living Room Basics, including Sofas, Coffee tables, and More

If your looking for the essentials for any of your living spaces, start here. This collection brings together all the design classics for vibrant living. We’ve drawn from our deep catalog of furniture, as well as lighting, art, and decor, to find the best and most representative pieces. Browse furniture ranging from famous 20th century designs to traditional wood furniture. Discover eclectic combinations, like pairing Scandinavian and contemporary Earthen tones with Southwestern rugs. Find what excites you and build your own style.


Classic Chairs, Modern Sofas, and Eclectic Decor

No matter your taste or your project, you’ll find designer pieces in this collection that will fit your space. Our core basics encompass mid-century chairs, classic leather sofas, industrial coffee tables, and more. Find pieces with unique natural wood grains made from reclaimed wood, metal and sculptural wall art, handmade vases, and other unique and eclectic decor.