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Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary Furniture

Stylish Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture by Memoky adds sophistication to any living space by taking what is current in home decor trends to deliver a chic style for the latest progression in home design. Whether you seek to create a west coast contemporary feel in your bedroom, or add modern contemporary design to your living room, Memoky has the latest affordable home furnishing trends to achieve your desired look.

  • Create Your Contemporary Living Room and Kitchen

    Create Your Contemporary Living Room and Kitchen

    Let your style shine. When you create your contemporary living room and kitchen with Memoky furnishings and accessories, the opportunities are endless. A contemporary living room has the potential to serve a variety of functions, from a casual social hangout hub to a formal sitting area for hosting elegant parties. As you browse our inventory you will discover a wide range of chic options such as our contemporary coffee tables to create the hottest look in interior design, to a variety of contemporary art pieces to accent your space with charisma. Are you looking for an in-style kitchen design? Our contemporary tables are made from the finest quality woods, metals, and glass offering a high-end glamorous look you will love.

  • Selecting the Right Contemporary Sofa

    Selecting the Right Contemporary Sofa

    When it comes to creating a contemporary living space, there are no set rules. Your goal should be to create an interior that is comfortable, functional, and that offers oodles of style. Selecting the right contemporary sofa sets the tone, as it is a large focal piece in the room where your guests will spend most of their time.
         First, ask yourself what the space’s purpose is. Then find a contemporary sofa that complements your intention. If you want to create an elegant contemporary space with a nod to the aesthetic lines of the 50s, consider a mid-century modern tufted sofa. This look is very desired, and isn’t going away anytime soon. For a more casual environment for watching movies or playing games, a contemporary sectional would be ideal for family use.

  • Shop Contemporary Furniture with Memoky

    Shop Contemporary Furniture with Memoky

    Our furniture was carefully crafted based on current interior design trends that aren’t going to be falling out of fashion any time soon. When you shop contemporary furniture with Memoky, affordable luxury is within reach, as is versatility. Our designers understand that living rooms were originally intended to serve as sophisticated spaces for hosting extravagant parties, while family rooms were reserved for everyday casual activities. Since most of today’s contemporary homes have one room dedicated for both uses, Memoky created furniture that can easily accent any room with these dual purposes. Shop the look, and discover the pinnacle of your personal style in a rich contemporary framework.