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Essential Mid-century Modernism

Essential Mid-century Modernism

Iconic Furnishings and Timeless Design

Mid-century modernism continues to fascinate and challenge collectors and decorators alike with its innovative blend of practical materials and artistic ideology. Essential and iconic furnishings from the era offer challenging yet balanced designs from recognized innovators in the field. These chairs unify artistic expression and refined living. Browse our collection of chairs, tables, accents, and period-specific art.

  • Boundless Creativity in Pure Form and Natural Color

    Designers from the mid-century period achieved a synthesis of pure form in design drawn from a close study of geometry and engineering to create innovative furnishings. Similarly, they drew from a love of nature to develop colors that would strike the eye as well as the heart. Neutral tones were paired with brights, primary colors. Many of the tones are drawn from lush environments that have an immediate emotional resonance.

  • Among the many innovations introduced by mid-century modern designers, the concept of indoor-outdoor living continues to be felt across the spectrum of furniture manufacturing. Combining an emphasis on natural forms with a sustained examination of modern living, these designs seek to collapse the boundary between inside and outside. These essential designs pair well with plants and other organic forms.