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Planters & Pots | Outdoor & Indoor

Planters & Pots | Outdoor & Indoor

Planters of All Shapes and Sizes

Keep track of the seasons or mark a special spring and bring life into your home. Browse our collection of planters, with a special focus on modern and contemporary designs. Choose among planters and pots that go far beyond the typical terracotta piece. We've got the shape and size and that works for you.

  • Modern and Contemporary Planters

    Modern and Contemporary Planters

    Planters and pots come in a variety of sizes. Choose among tall, large vases for your patio or a small, short pot with an arrangement of flowers for an interior window. Durable materials like concrete and plastic work great outdoors. Inside, choose fashionable designs that use special finishes on hand spun aluminum or rare woods.

  • Space transforming planters and pots

    Space transforming planters and pots

    When choosing a planter, make sure the size and shape will work for the plant you are potting. Drainage of water is important, otherwise your plants may rot. Make sure your plants have plenty of sun, soil, and water, and soon they will be overflowing with color and life. There's no better way to transform your space.