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Scandinavian Style Made Simple

Scandinavian Style Made Simple

Furniture & Decor for Scandinavian Interiors

Do you love Scandinavian interiors? Do you find yourself drawn to photos of homes with this popular design scheme? And yet, you aren’t sure where to start yourself when creating the look in your own home? We’ve put together this collection to help you with the challenge. After all, Scandinavian designers are some of the most sought after home furnishings. So use this guide to navigate the full range of decor items available and make starting your own Scandinavian home simple

  • Scandinavian furniture is the best for relaxation

    There’s something about Scandinavian furniture, isn’t there? These designs have a long-lasting resonance that have kept them in style. They exude a laid-back and relaxing energy, often with pleasing contours. The region is famous for a love of nature, and many of these pieces share that love with sculpted wood frames. Cool, neutral colors dominate to further the relaxing nature of the chairs and sofas. Overall, Scandinavian furniture is perfect for creating a comforting space where you can kick your shoes off and let your hair down.

  • More than just mid-century modern

    Many people think of mid-century modern furniture and Scandinavian in the same breath. But really, there is so much more. Sure, mid-century modernism was very influenced by designs and furniture from the Scandinavian region. But artisans and designers from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are often incorporating techniques and methods from a rich local tradition. Contemporary and modern furniture continues to be influenced by this remarkable region and their designs.