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Scandinavian Furnishings & Danish Modern Design

Scandinavian Furnishings & Danish Modern Design

Scandinavian Interiors and Danish Modern

Muted colors, an emphasis on over-sized design components, and bowed wood are the defining essence of Scandinavian furniture design. This aesthetic movement emerged in the 1950s from the five Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. Influenced by Danish modernism’s appearance a generation earlier, Scandinavian furniture is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality, Scandinavian furniture is ideal for contemporary living spaces that strive to blend a stroke of modernity with a nod to organic, simple, and rustic artistry. Memoky took the greatest, most classic examples of this genre and compiled a line of affordable, high-end pieces that are a must-have for anyone hoping to achieve a Scandinavian interior.

  • What is the difference between Scandinavian Furniture and Danish Modern?

    It is not surprising Scandinavian design and Danish Modernism are often mixed; after all, both have origins in Denmark and rely on minimalism. In actuality Danish Modernism emerged three decades before the Scandinavian design movement. In the 1920s, Danish Modern furniture design sought to offer proportions that fulfill the human body’s contour using pure lines, clean design, specific proportions, and an ethereal level of craftsmanship. Memoky offers both design types, and our line is centered around the concept of blending both to create a purist aesthetic steeped in curving organic lines, superior materials, and minimalist style.

  • Scandinavian Rugs and Decor

    Scandinavian furniture and its warm tones embody a philosophy: organic woods simply presented can portray modernist ideals. This furniture, with its gentle contours, completes the ideal of modernism when complimented by a Scandinavian rug. Area rugs play a pivotal role in completing Scandinavian interior design. Rugs hint of the earth; they conjure primordial examples of man’s desire to create functional design for living spaces, and therefore complement this modern aesthetic by adding time-honored roots. Our collection of Scandinavian decor includes rugs in muted, natural tones carefully woven and of superior quality. Center your rug among a congregation of wishbone chairs to create an elegant social space.

  • The Future of Scandinavian Design

    Exciting new brands are keeping the tradition of Scandinavian furniture alive. Scandinavian furniture and design continues to create breathtaking interiors in warm, muted tones. Today’s manufacturers are furthering this quest for the perfect application of the Nordic philosophy. Advancing further the twin concerns of environmental footprint and expert craftsmanship, emerging manufacturers like Vita Copenhagen are offering unique lighting solutions for contemporary domiciles. Scandinavian design continues to shape our lives through beautiful and sustainable creations.