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Scandinavian Fusion

Scandinavian Fusion

Curated by Nathaniel

Contemporary Danish Furniture

Perennially popular, Scandinavian furniture is the perfect bedrock style to shape your interior. It is also a malleable design element when creating decor concepts. This collection gathers together the iconic pieces that have reshaped our conception of furniture, as well as contemporary spins on classic designs. Browse designs with the charisma of instant recognition, as well as pieces that create sensible off-beat pairings that will open up the creative floodgates.

  • Accent Color for Interiors

    Our collection of chic Scandinavian furniture can easily by matched by color. The resurgence in popularity of accent walls and other schemes to incorporate the design rule of three is rooted in selecting pieces that fit your palette. Start here with our collection of Scandinavian Fusion furniture.

  • Penguin Lounge Chair - Black Leather / Walnut Penguin Lounge Chair - Black Leather / Walnut

    Penguin Lounge Chair - Black Leather / Walnut

    Sale: $855


    40% Off

  • Create dynamic spaces by incorporating the latest in design trends. Browse this collection for framed art including classic photography. These pieces are perfect for designing your own gallery wall that will personalize your space.