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Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Decor

The Shabby Chic Furniture collection recreates the charm of a 19th country estate. It will create the pleasant atmosphere of a tea party as painted by Fragonard. Antique furniture is recreated sometimes with a stripped surface for a weathered look. Plush cushion seats are upholstered in traditional patterns, accented by iron rod, studs, and carved wood legs. Pastels rule this style and impart a sensitivity that resembles the sweet smell of a bouquet of lilies.

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  • Light and bright; sunny and pretty

    Light and bright; sunny and pretty

    Scandinavian furniture embodies the warming tones within the philosophy that organic woods presented through pure, simple arcs can instil modernist ideals from a design perspective. The gentle contours of this furniture design type, complimented by the addition of Scandinavian rugs, completes the look. Rugs play a pivotal role in completing a Scandinavian home interior. Rugs hint of the earth; they conjure primordial examples of man’s desire to create functional design for living spaces, and therefore complement the disposition of this modern aesthetic with time-honored roots. Memoky’s line includes Scandinavian rugs in muted, natural tones carefully woven to offer superior quality. Center your rug in a congregation of wishbone chairs to create a social space grounded in humble elegance.

  • Lambert Dining Chair Beige Lambert Dining Chair Beige

    Lambert Dining Chair Beige

    Sale: $389


    30% Off

  • Bring 19th century country charm into your home with shabby chic furniture and decor. Well-worn patinas on antiques like a blue dresser bring the classic style of thrift store finds into your home. Mix and match with decor affordable items made of iron, natural wood, and vintage leather. Pastel colors add comfort and warmth, contrasting the sophistication of a gold painted chandelier that also adds a touch of yesteryear.

  • Austin Chair Austin Chair

    Austin Chair

    Sale: $1,239


    43% Off

  • Cruise Ice Bucket Cruise Ice Bucket

    Cruise Ice Bucket

    Sale: $189


    21% Off

  • Ashby Bench Ashby Bench

    Ashby Bench

    Sale: $739


    28% Off

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