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Le Corbusier Furniture

Modern Chairs, Works of Art

We've assembled this collection of Le Corbusier's furniture designs in celebration of his 130th birthday later this year. Renowned in his lifetime for his radical modernist ideals, and achieving international success as an architect, Le Corbusier came to furniture later in his career. He invited his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand to collaborate on chairs or "human-limb objects," experiments in tube steel that resonated with Bauhaus concepts. The chairs were initially expensive to produce, became affordable as intended once Le Corbusier achieved fame.

  • Le Corbus Sofa In Genuine Red Leather Le Corbus Sofa In Genuine Red Leather

    Le Corbus Sofa In Genuine Red Leather

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  • Le Corbusier was famous for saying, a house is a machine to live in. His furniture is no less indebted to industry and the allure of mechanical design. But the Swiss-French designer was also indebted to the classics, and borrows much of his aesthetics from applying Greek golden ratios. The result is a still radical combination of balance and taste that employs durable, industrial materials.