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Xavier Puchard's Tolix Chair

Galvanized Steel Chairs

Xavier Puchard is renowned as an inventor in the manufacturing of chairs for introducing galvanized steel as a viable material. This process involves coating steel in molten zinc and then letting it dry, making it superbly durable. In fact, these chairs are nearly indestructible by normal means. As such, Puchard is not recognized as a designer, but nevertheless is just as influential. By discovering a market and delivering a functional product, the chairs he created are perhaps one of the greatest legacies of modern design.

  • Tolix chairs and stools

    Our collection of galvanized steel chairs includes options for various sizes, sets, and configurations. Choose among bar stools, counter stools, side chairs, and arm chairs. Various finishes include aged and worn versions as well as metallic colors like gold and silver. This popular chair also comes in a version with a plywood seat for added comfort and style.