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Transitional Design and Interior Decor

Transitional Design and Interior Decor

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Furniture Design

One of the hottest new trends in interior design incorporates both masculine and feminine energy to create a balanced decor. This creates space that, far from being neutral, highlights the overlapping strengths of divergent designs. Find ways to invent surprising yet pleasing new juxtapositions with this collection.

  • Discover Statement Pieces that Balance Well

    Worried about overwhelming your space with a luxury item that is just too much? Balanced modern decor or transitional style is similar to Wabi Sabi. It is about accepting difference, embracing what separates different styles, and finding a meeting ground. The results, rather than minimal, emphasize intelligent choices. Indulge in rarefied but bold color palettes, strong materials, and refined finishes and upholstery patterns.

  • Transitional design enlivens your space and opens new horizons. Unlock new creative combinations that will appeal to everyone. Balanced spaces offer surprising discoveries for people as they see proven classics in a new light. Also find furniture that speaks to a different side of your personality.