The sofa is the headliner of any living or family room. That means a sofa isn’t a purchase to be made on a whim. You’ll need to be armed with the best information available to make an educated decision and subsequent purchase. Most people will replace their sofa maybe once every ten to fifteen years. Choosing a sofa will require some serious reconnaissance. If it’s gonna stick around for many years to come; you might as well love it. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the plunge:  Know Your

Afraid of getting new furniture and ending up with some huge, incomprehensibly difficult-to-remove stain? Yeah, we get that. So we decided to share our strategies on the best way to take care of upholstered furniture. Of course, there are some of us who may have not thought about this until it was too late. In other words, there is a stain, it is big, it won’t go away, and it is kind of an emergency. So we put some strategies in here to deal with that as well. Either way,

Great movies are always in style, and that’s because they feature the stylish. The words Hollywood and glamour are intrinsically linked. So films are a perfect place to get interior design inspiration. We’ve decided to feature some of our favorite interiors from cinema, featuring some of our favorite interiors and some of our favorite films. We recommend you watch these movies before you redesign your home – not only are there plenty of design secrets to glean in each shot, you’ll get a chance to laugh (and sometimes cry) as

Finally, 2019 is here. And that means, I guess, it’s time to ditch everything from 2018 and jump on whatever design bandwagon is rolling out of the gates on pinterest, instagram, et al. Yep, time to slap on another coat of Pantone color of the year and pray it stays in style long enough for me to get used to it. Sound familiar? Well, in our opinion, following home décor trends too closely can result in design with an expiration date. But not everything has a short shelf life. For

Hanukkah is already over. Christmas is just around the corner. No matter what you celebrate, the end of December and the year is fast approaching. And that means – New Year’s Eve is just around the bend! And with the last (and first) holiday of the year comes the high expectations for an epic party. Embrace it! It’s the one time of year we can decorate and completely get away with glitzy and gaudy! In fact, the glitzier, the better! Here are a few tips to help all of those

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