New to interior decor? This quick and easy guide defines many of the most popular design trends. Before you shop, start here to figure out what works for your space. 1.) Mid-Century Modern Modern furniture reached its peak with mid-century modern design, becoming one of the most enduring design trends. This style is all about removing unnecessary decorative elements and pairing down to the essentials. This concept works well for small, urban spaces. Modern furniture has clean lines, creating a minimalist style. Many of the silhouette are instantly recognizable. Designers

Have you done it all wrong? Did you put together your room and suddenly wonder, what happened? Mistakes in interior design are common. Especially when you decide to do it yourself. Let the experts (that’s up) weigh in and help you out. Follow these tips and either avoid common mistakes we’d all rather forget, or at least identify what what went wrong and find the perfect solution. Wall Hugger Don’t forget the middle of your room and you’ll avoid this common mistake. Some interiors bunch up the furniture against the

We are super excited for 2018 because color is coming back in a serious way. After several years of minimalist designs with mostly white walls, 2018 promises new surprises. Color rooms are in, and they demand bold furniture and decor. We at Memoky say “bring it on!” We adore color because more than any other decor decision it allows for a personal touch. We love color and we encourage you to find your own favorites. Self-expression is key. But before you dive headfirst into picking out a room color, here

One fact commonly brandied about reminds us people spend a third of their lives sleeping. And yet, do we really? For many of us, nighttime is more tossing and turning than snoozing. Obviously, many of us would rather get a good night’s rest instead of dragging ourselves through the day bone tired. So what is missing? Oftentimes, the journey to wellness begins with something as simple as replacing a mattress. Having the right mattress can have a ton of health benefits, although it isn’t difficult to recognize the impact it has

Considering purchasing leather furniture? Whether it is a new piece, a vintage find, or an inherited heirloom, you may be asking the same question: How do I take care of fine leather furniture? The thought of caring for expensive and luxurious materials can keep you from committing to owning furniture that you love. But you needn’t worry! Leather is actually a very easy material to care for. Arm yourself with these tips and (outside utter catastrophe) you should be able to care for this forgiving material and keep it looking

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