New to interior decor? This quick and easy guide defines many of the most popular design trends. Before you shop, start here to figure out what works for your space. 1.) Mid-Century Modern Modern furniture reached its peak with mid-century modern design, becoming one of the most enduring design trends. This style is all about removing unnecessary decorative elements and pairing down to the essentials. This concept works well for small, urban spaces. Modern furniture has clean lines, creating a minimalist style. Many of the silhouette are instantly recognizable. Designers

Ah, bohemian furniture. A mainstay of design since seemingly forever. Equally applicable to lifestyle choices made in your 20’s, as your eccentric aunts cottage on the edge of nowhere. Perfectly reasonable as a means of decorating a cozy downtown loft. Or a 3000 square-foot ranch-style home in the suburbs, for that matter. Bohemian furniture, bohemian style, whatever you call it, is more about tone than anything else. Right? It seems to be a disposition. It isn’t an aesthetic we might attach with a particular designer or manufacturer. Well there, we

Mixing mid-century modern with an eclectic bohemian style might seem like madness. But life is full of zany concepts that work, and this pairing is catching on. Mid-century modern furniture continues to be popular. You know it, and so does everyone else – minimalist and functional furnishings are among the best. On the other hand, bohemian style helps create a lived-in quality. That’s becoming popular especially as more and more people are living in cities. Bohemian works especially well for spaces that have questionable “bones.” You know, like an industrial

Leather furniture is a mainstay of decor, and for good reason. Its gorgeous, comfortable, pairs well, and is easy to take care of. However, accidents do happen. And oftentimes a lack of knowledge stops us from buying higher end leather furniture. Why? Because when something does happen to leather, many fret they don’t know how to take care of it. Whether it is a new piece, a vintage find, or an inherited heirloom, however, the answers remain the same. Caring for leather furniture is easy as long as you arm

Industrial modern has become a popular design trend. It’s easy to see why. The style is both pleasing to the eye and very pragmatic. And what’s more, the designs are rooted in what works. Early industrial practice was about creating sturdy and space efficient furniture. And if you were wondering where industrial modern finds its popularity, just consider how it addresses contemporary life. These are designs that work for the way we live. That may seem seem odd for a style that revives trends nearly 100 years old. Sure enough,

The question is simple, the answer surprisingly difficult: How do you identify authentic Danish modern furniture? However, we need a quick orientation before we start discussing methods. Let’s first establish motive. Why collect furniture that’s scarcely 100 years old? Well, in many of today’s homes, furniture is more than “just furniture.” Instead, furniture is regarded as art. And just like the best art, modern furniture has the power to showcase a particular time, place, and culture, allowing an appreciating person (such as a collector) to express their style and appreciation

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