New to interior decor? This quick and easy guide defines many of the most popular design trends. Before you shop, start here to figure out what works for your space. 1.) Mid-Century Modern Modern furniture reached its peak with mid-century modern design, becoming one of the most enduring design trends. This style is all about removing unnecessary decorative elements and pairing down to the essentials. This concept works well for small, urban spaces. Modern furniture has clean lines, creating a minimalist style. Many of the silhouette are instantly recognizable. Designers

DIY design is often fun and rewarding. But it can also be full of pitfalls, sometimes creating a steep learning curve. For instance, after proudly selecting a piece of furniture, you might later look at it a few months later and wonder, “What was I thinking?” And that only scratches the surface of common DIY design mistakes. Interior design is a careful balance of a number of factors, including room size, color, lighting, and positioning. If you aren’t a trained professional, you may inadvertently commit one of these common design

Where would we be without our pets? Certainly less happy. Also, perhaps, we’d have cleaner furniture. Taking care of animals in the house is one thing – sometimes a thankless task, but more often than not rewarding and more than worth the trouble. What ends up draining all our energy is taking care of the house once animals are living in it. So here’s our ultimate guide to furniture care for animal owners. We are going to update this page with all the latest tips and tricks we find from

Spring is finally arriving, bringing changes both welcome and otherwise. After spending winter hiding in my bedroom, I often spend way too many late nights in the studio during spring. Every year I make the mistake of overbooking this season. The only solution, I’ve found, is to dig in deeper and get better at working. So this year, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite suggestions for improving an office space. Use them and watch your output increase. Rethink the Light Light really makes a difference, and your office space

In terms of essential decor items, the bar cart isn’t the first piece to spring to mind. But we think it adds a dimension that you won’t be able to find in other any other piece. It covers its own territory and can’t easily be substituted. Still not sure? Let us convince you. Stay at home Current trends reconfigure the home to become more than just a place to getaway and spend time alone or with family. New designs establish the home as a place to entertain guests and friends.

International Women’s Day is here, and it has been remarkable. The unity in action and message is a step forward in getting the world to recognize today’s themes and their impact on every corner of contemporary life. Although the future is still uncertain, it’s important to have a collective moment of recognition. Right now, many voices are coming together and honoring women. Hopefully that trend can continue past a single day of recognition. In celebration of this pivotal year, Memoky is rounding up some of our favorite articles this year

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