Four Hands Collection

Four Hands Furniture & Lighting

Furniture and Decor from Austin Based Design Firm

This collection gathers together all our available pieces from Four Hands, a design firm located in Austin, Texas. We absolutely adore their stylish designs, which are drawn from around the world and adapted by the company, incorporating current trends. The result is an eclectic range of home furnishings that add depth and character to any space. Many of the pieces have a rustic charm, with natural finishes and Earthy tones, perfect for today’s most popular looks.

  1. arm chair 17items
  2. bar cart 7items
  3. bar stool 12items
  4. bedside table 15items
  5. bench 76items
  6. book shelf 61items
  7. chaise 21items
  8. chest 6items
  9. coat rack 5items
  10. cocktail table 47items
  11. counter stool 12items
  12. credenza 74items
  13. desk 65items
  14. dining table 107items
  15. dresser 68items
  16. entertainment console 51items
  17. floor lamp 9items
  18. king bed 9items
  19. lounge chair 231items
  20. mirror 57items
  21. office chair 42items
  22. office storage 8items
  23. ottoman 41items
  24. outdoor chair 137items
  25. outdoor lounger 22items
  26. pendant lamp 7items
  27. pillow 129items
  28. planter 8items
  29. queen bed 7items
  30. rug 137items
  31. sectional sofa 328items
  32. side chair 140items
  33. side table 140items
  34. sofa 162items
  35. sofa table 9items
  36. stool 8items
  37. table lamp 33items
  38. twin bed 3items
  39. vase 5items
  40. wall painting 4items
  41. curio cabinet 6items
  42. bar table 18items
  43. nightstand 54items
  44. outdoor dining chair 67items
  45. outdoor dining table 40items
  46. chandelier 22items
  47. tray 2items
  48. tv stand 1 item
  49. photo print 41items
  50. bowl 3items
  51. rocking chair 4items
  52. wall art 226items
  53. wine bar 3items
  54. cushion 4items
  55. magazine rack 5items
  56. console 53items
  57. coffee table 115items
  58. bed 138items
  59. outdoor sofas 183items
  60. outdoor sectionals 77items
  61. outdoor chaises 22items
  62. cabinet 29items
  63. shelf 11items
  64. trunk 21items
  65. screen 2items
  66. outdoor ottomans, benches & stools 18items
  67. outdoor occasional tables 52items
  68. outdoor dining benches 6items
  69. outdoor stools 50items
  70. outdoor bar tables 13items
  71. basket 14items
  72. outdoor storage 6items
  73. pouf 12items
  74. outdoor accent table 18items
  75. umbrella stand 3items
  76. decorative objects 45items
  77. kitchen islands 6items
  78. outdoor dÉcor 17items
  79. end table 15items
  80. counter/bar stool 126items
  81. outdoor pillows & rugs 41items
  82. wall dÉcor 19items

Stylish and Creative Designs for Chairs, Sofas, Tables and More

Looking for something tasteful, down to Earth, and, most importantly, practical? This collection offers creative looks from top designers. Check out tables with artisan wood finishes and sofas upholstered in both top grain leather and high quality linens or cottons. Discover eccentric pieces and decor, from paintings and sculpture, that will create a signature look for your home. Four Hands embraces designs that have the tailored touch of artistic inspiration. The distinctive textiles and specifically sourced metals reflect a shared aesthetic that exemplifies today’s intersection of cultures.