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Discover Furniture, Lighting, and Decor with our Look Book

The Look Book is a collection of interactive photos that makes it easy to discover the best furniture, lighting, and decor in our catalog. Each book is full of different styles or "looks" from top brands and leading designers. Find the photo that appeals most to you, click on the tags on the photo, and discover the different furniture and decor that create the look. This way you can easily get the style that best fits your design personality. Try mixing and matching as well, drawing inspiration from two or even three of the photos.

Modern Mid-Century to Industrial

Modern furniture for inspiring spaces can’t be confined to one genre of interior design. While modern industrial injects the nostalgia of rust, iron, and the organic splendor of choice woods into clean lines mingled with historical nuances, Mid-Century modern conjures daring curves of simple elegance seen at a time when Rock Hudson and Catherine Deneuve celebrated the avant-garde in interior living. Choose your style, and browse the greatest collection of modern furniture for your inspired spaces.

Go Contemporary, Go Modern for Outdoor Spaces

The Mid-Century modern movement sought to unite interior living spaces with the outdoors. Memoky’s furniture collections for outdoor living spaces encompass both modern and contemporary aesthetics while playing off a continuum of interior furnishings working in unison to unite late-night drinks on the patio with social hubs in the living room. Shop this feel and get the look to inspire the elan of ultimate spatial enjoyment.


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