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Do you have a style already in mind for your space? Then start browsing our catalog right here. These curated collections gather together essential furniture, lighting, and decor for a particular style. We make it easy to create entire rooms around a similar theme within minutes. Whether you love mid-century, collect industrial pieces, or need some Scandinavian-style comfort in your life, you’ll find it here.


Table Top Games

Remake your space into the ultimate fun zone for both family and friends when you add any of our table games and other playful decor.


Modern Art Prints

Slim Aarons Print Photo with sofa

Photography as decor gives you the unique chance to impart a personal touch, allowing you to pick subjects and prints that reflect your inner life.


Rattan And Cane

outdoor cane armchair with table

Cane and rattan carry a natural feel that will add a lasting warmth to your setting. The strong textural elements and natural color palette of these organic forms can help break up a modern setting with a warm vintage vibe.

Trending Materials

Trendy designs with the latest looks are at your fingertips with our easy to use Shop By Look collections. Discover complimentary furniture, lighting, and decor organized by material, which make revamping your interior easier than ever. Or find the perfect piece to compliment a home design that's already in progress. Start your search for your ideal space right here.


Scandinavian Lighting

Whether you seek a central ceiling light, a simple desk lamp, or a floor fixture to add both illumination and further decoration, we've got a number of eye-catching pieces that will appeal to the contemporary sensibility.

complete the look

Area Rugs

pile of tribal rugs

Nothing can compare to the dynamic influence of a rug. Breathtaking patterns or simple comfort can collect and transform a room by adding a central aspect that informs and enlightens the furnishings that surrounds it.

Featured Brands

Four Hands

Four Hands Furniture

Based in Austin, Texas, and featuring elegant designs from Thomas Bina & Ronald Sasson, the result is an eclectic range of home furnishings that add depth and character to any space.

Featured Brands


Dovetail Furniture

Dovetail believes a home is much more than a physical space – to them, home is a place of inspiration, rest, beauty, and love. You can define your own sense of home with their unique furnishings. This is the ethos behind creating a home with Dovetail Furniture.

Featured Brands

Classic Home

Classic Home

Designs blend traditional techniques with contemporary details to create unique pieces that transcend their inspiration. Every piece with the entirety of our collection in mind, making sure they work as standalone objects and serve the aesthetics of any space