Industrial Furniture

Modern Industrial Furniture

Early 20th Century Decor including Metal Furnishings

Transform your space with sleek metal furnishings, bold lighting, and tobacco brown leather sofas that pay homage to the rise of industrial power and mass production. Choose furnishings made from raw metals like iron, decor with brass furnishings, and other pieces fashioned from concrete. Go big and bold with reclaimed wood tables and cabinets that combine functional and traditional approaches. Our collection includes club chairs and couches that channel refined spaces like universities, country clubs, and smoking rooms. Build out your interior with designs inspired by early 20th century decor, including furnishings used in manufacturing, farming, and other modes of industry. Add unique touches to your home with wooden fruit crates and antique-style lanterns. Industrial decor is perfect for any space that is looking for strong and masculine energy or the simplicity of functional design. Fill your refurbished urban loft with sturdy tables and bookcases or add an accent to your country home. Compliment these pieces with green plants for a balanced interior that is perfect for any home.

Industrial Desks and Office Furnishings

Utilitarian surfaces, salvaged materials, and a clean presentation lend to industrial desks and office furnishings that showcase stripped-back architecture in style. Those who love industrial decor can channel their creative animus as they work to complete that marketing report while gaining inspiration from the industrial style desks that pay homage to the gritty workforce that built our nation. Our industrial desk chairs continue this ambiance; from distressed leather and aviation-inspired aluminum framework, to reclaimed timber and gears. Memoky’s sleek design of beautiful grit will energize your workspace in dapper style.

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