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Modern Industrial Furniture and Decor

Modern Industrial Furniture and Decor

Industrial furniture and decor pays homage to America’s evolution into industrialism and the raw power of mass production. Although the Industrial Revolution kicked off in Great Britain in the 18th century before spreading to America, the concept of Modern Industrial furniture takes inspired pieces as late as the 1940s that were used in manufacturing, farming, and other modes of industry to create furnishings that nod to our expansion. Reach out and grasp imagery and spirit from Steinbeck’s ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, and imagine wooden fruit crates, rusty lanterns, and iron pipes as conceptualized inspiration for our Memoky artists as we collate industrial furniture collections for any living space. Knowing where to buy industrial furniture requires finding a solution where artistry, attention to details, and quality come together, and we think you discover our love of what we do as you browse our collections.

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  • Industrial Desks and Office Furnishings

    Industrial Desks and Office Furnishings

    Utilitarian surfaces, salvaged materials, and a clean presentation lend to industrial desks and office furnishings that showcase stripped-back architecture in style. Those who love industrial decor can channel their creative animus as they work to complete that marketing report while gaining inspiration from the industrial style desks that pay homage to the gritty workforce that built our nation. Our industrial desk chairs continue this ambiance; from distressed leather and aviation-inspired aluminum framework, to reclaimed timber and gears. Memoky’s sleek design of beautiful grit will energize your workspace in dapper style.

  • Foster Chair Foster Chair

    Foster Chair

    Sale: $739


    28% Off

  • Lynn Coffee Table Lynn Coffee Table

    Lynn Coffee Table

    Sale: $1,655


    25% Off

  • Maine Rug Maine Rug

    Maine Rug

    Sale: $519


    31% Off

  • High-End Industrial Tables and Seating

    High-End Industrial Tables and Seating

    Tables form the social hub of your home. Our Memoky line of chic industrial tables offers that popular rustic, raw look that can be challenging to truly capture. If your interior design calls for sleek industrial style, adding tables with the vital defining components will unite your rooms and magnify the the aesthetics of industrialism. From our line of distressed coffee tables to reclaimed wood console tables and rustic dining tables, enhance the style where friends and family congregate. Seating is also key to your social space; industrial seating options like our quilted distressed leather dining chairs will complete the look while nodding to the factories of the 1940s.

  • Industrial Decor and Accessories

    Industrial Decor and Accessories

    Sometimes the desired look is achieved when laying down the final touches. Our line of industrial decor and accessories take any living space to the next level of rustic chic by enhancing the interplay of iron, wood, rust and factory textiles. Adding industrial-inspired rugs to your space will function beautifully with patent wall art, industrial floor lamps, reclaimed timber shelving, and factory hardware accents. Let the essentials showcase the energetic interplay of unassuming form and function in luxury comfort. Shop our line, and be inspired to capture that streamlined industrial decor to enhance your living spaces.

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