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Serge Mouille Collection

Serge Mouille Collection

Floor lamps, ceiling lighting, and other fixtures

Serge Mouille, born in Paris in 1922, studied and excelled as a silversmith, teaching the subject by the age of 25. In his early 30's, he introduced an original and radical concept for a lamp. The design was partly a reaction against the overtly complicated Italian lighting that was flooding the market at the time. Mouille was also keen to represent the female body, a sculptural approach to household light fixtures. "Lamps are meant to be touched," Mouille asserted, a bold claim that inspired some of the most recognizable and collectible lighting from the period.

  • Sconces, wall lamps, and ceiling fixtures

    Sconces, wall lamps, and ceiling fixtures

    Mouille designed lighting that encompasses the full range of lamps and fixtures. Although his desk and floor models remain the most recognizable, especially the three-headed floor lamp, there are many sconces and wall lamps that feature the remarkable aesthetic of thin tube steel necks and articulated, directional lighting. Similarly, ceiling fixtures, including a version of the three-headed lamp, are also available. We've included in this collection a few pieces from the same era that are inspired by the radical designs of Mouille.

  • It is a point of décor which connects the graphic design of the stand with the plastic element of the reflector. I needed an element that was not coloured, but let’s say rich, in order to humanize the whole object.

    -Serge Mouille