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Mid Century Modern Furniture

Mid Century Modern Furniture

     Mid-century modern furniture has never been more popular than it is today. The look is showcased in society’s highest echelon of glamour. From the hit TV show ‘Mad Men’ featuring iconic digs showcasing Don Draper’s office as a place of power and style, to ‘The Daily Show’ where iconic Knoll office chairs provide guests luxurious seating, the look of 1950s to mid 60s modern furniture makes profound statements in living spaces across the country.
     While the term “mid-century modern furniture” can often bring up search results that stray from the true definition at its purest form, Memoky furniture stays authentic offering high-quality and affordability. From the inspired lines of an Eames or Bertoia chair, to the visionary of Saarinen and Cherner, you can get the true mid-century modern look in your home that will transcend the boundaries of high end living.

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  • Ch24 Wishbone Y Chair - White / Natural Ch24 Wishbone Y Chair - White / Natural

    Ch24 Wishbone Y Chair - White / Natural

    Sale: $199


    50% Off

  • If it’s not the kitchen, the living room is where people gather, tell stories, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Mid-century modern coffee tables are at the center of it all defining tone and style, while offering full functionality. Whether you claim the minimalistic and organic look of the Noguchi coffee table in American walnut, or the classic modern architectural stylings of the Elliptical coffee table, Memoky combines the art of living with your personal space by making the highest quality mid-century modern coffee tables affordable and easy to shop.

  • Seating defines spaces; mid-century modern sofas by Memoky dictate the style and energy of your room by offering inspired designs from iconic masters of the 50s and 60s. You can shop the look by imagining our mid-century modern tufted sofa inspired by Florence Knoll in your living room. Its classic lines and tufted buttons take you away to the height of mid mod elegance. Want to shop a selection of mid-century modern sofas inspired by innovation and original pop? Our marshmallow sofa nods at the iconic Herman Miller masterpiece and pays homage to the original design by Irving Harper of George Nelson Associates. Sure to turn heads, this mid-century modern sofa is built on a solid wood frame with 18 rounded leather cushions completing the design everyone talked about in 1956 offering a highly coveted look to enhance your mid-century modern interiors.

  • The Aj Wall Lamp - Grey The Aj Wall Lamp - Grey

    The Aj Wall Lamp - Grey

    Sale: $119


    54% Off

  • Tulip Oval Marble Table - 79" X 47" Tulip Oval Marble Table - 79" X 47"

    Tulip Oval Marble Table - 79" X 47"

    Sale: $1,799


    38% Off

  • Mid-century modern decor should grant complementary energy between every single piece in your home. From planters and rugs, to mid-century modern dressers and credenzas, mid mod decor needs to be defined by multiple pieces that make sense and convey the art of living with the semblance of unified utopian elegance. From our Sputnik chrome lamps accenting the best pieces of mid-century modern furniture, to benches and ottomans straight from the design tables of the 1950s, Memoky offers complete mid-century modern decor solutions for every room in your home or office. Shop the look today, and claim the art in living!

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