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Modern Vintage Loft

Modern Vintage Loft

Trendy Vintage Finds in Contemporary Interiors

Create the perfect urban loft by bringing together modern and vintage pieces in a contemporary space. This trending design concept brings together vintage and vintage-inspired pieces to create an eclectic interior. Antiques work great as additional accents. This style is all about moving beyond basic matching and opening new dimensions that integrate mid-century finds, Scandinavian furniture, and touches of shabby chic and thrift store treasures.

  • An eclectic mix of old and new

    Vintage modern is all about mixing old and new. Mid-century plays an important role, as well as traditional antiques for accents. But vintage encompasses any decor that is older than 20 years or more. Dive deep into forgotten color palettes and mine furniture and fixtures from early industrial to rustic schoolhouse finds.

  • Modern vintage decor for urban lofts is all about creating contrasts. Instead of searching for a theme, discover the energy of balancing different designs. Masculine meets feminine, hard meets soft. The result is an eclectic space that welcomes in the diffuse and differing energies of the world.